Best Costumes for pre-wedding photoshoot

Are you Thinking about what to wear on your pre-wedding shoot?

Pre-wedding shoots are most happening these days. Everyone we know is more into Pre-wedding photoshoots first than they think about weddings. Weddings are a season of love, joy, emotions getting together, family-friends relatives reunions, and much more. Announcing your big day with family and friends gets much easier with the pre-wedding photo shoot always. Pre-wedding photoshoot or videoshoot explains what kind of couple you are and gives a sneak-peak of the Big Wedding day. The focus of any Pre-wedding photo shoot is not on the costumes but on you and your partner always. Deciding what to wear for pre-wedding photos (Ad link pre-wedding-shoot-photographers-Bangalore) can be tricky! Here are a few tips for the pre-wedding photo shoot in Bangalore or outstations.


The most important question is, “Where is your pre-wedding shoot going to be?” If you’re going to shoot in more than one location, Plan about each pose and what to wear at each site prior.

CHOOSE YOUR COMFORT Always make sure you choose outfits or costumes you’re comfortable in and can move around quickly without having any issues to worry about. Especially tucking in your stomach while posing.

BE CHOOSY WITH THE COLOUR Work with your location’s lighting (timing is the essential factor for a photo shoot) and attire beautiful colours to look like Adam & eve in the beautiful garden of Eden in your pre-wedding photos.

THE ACTIVITY PLANNER Do you both partners do an activity together? Wear matching outfits like matching T-shirts and white or black sneakers, etc

BE CALM AND RELAXED Even while wearing the suit and the beautiful gown, feel relaxed by losing your hair and the tie, and stand in the shade if its breaks. Maybe getting rid of the footwear also helps most of the time.

TRY A SHORT WEAR Wearing a short dress always gives a flirty, playful vibe. Groom can also wear ankle-length bottoms or shorts to match your flirty beautiful dress.

BEAUTIFUL IN WHITE always wear at least one white dress which hints at the gown to come!

USE HIGHLIGHTING COLOURS Blue, Red, or yellow is a classic colour combination that highlights you perfectly in all backgrounds and won’t go out of style anytime soon.

TEAM-UP Maybe you both are ****working out together or sporting together. Always Pick up your favourite team’s jerseys or fitness workout suits and dumbbells for the pose.

MATCH YOUR SHIRTS wear matching Denim trousers, checked or plain light-coloured shirts. Topped with contrasting Trousers.

CONSIDER BACK PHOTOSHOOTS A Backless dress is beautiful; wear nice suspenders or a waistcoat for groom. Hold the coat behind your back in style.

THINK CLASSIC Add retro/vintage to your pre-wedding looks. Either Bollywood Tollywood style sarees, round bun with beautiful flowers and red lipstick with heavy eye makeup and groom with a bow, nice suspenders etc

JACKET jacket makes you look classy and rocky despite what’s worn inside.

MATCH THE SHADES Coordinate your pre-wedding photoshoot or videoshoot with matching shades. If she wears a Red gown, make sure you wear a Black shirt.

A MAN IS JUDGED BY HIS SHOES. Try keeping the Footwear classy and clean. Also, try and match out your Footwear if possible. A pre-wedding photo shoot is a gateway for all the guests to see what kind of a couple you are most of time. Attire for both Groom and the bride.

FOR A SUMMER PRE-WEDDING PHOTOSHOOT Summer is all about bright and bold colours and sunny days. Try wearing easy breezy, comfortable clothes.

A SHORT SUMMER DRES’s Bride can choose a plain white summer cute short dress or go with flowers. Groom can wear a light casual shirt, dark black or blue pants, and nice sneakers.

A PUNJABI SUIT Try wearing a Patiala set with a vivid colourful dupatta and imagine the colours contrasting with the amazing location. Groom can wear a dhoti and a kurta with contrasting vivid colours.

MIDI WITH TOP A tight and fit Midi skirt topped with a soft puffy top makes you look stunning. Tommy, H&M, and Zara, have beautiful collection of these in their stores. He can wear the Trendy Colourful Bermudas with zingo printed shirts.

MAXI DRESS Plain, multicoloured, floral, checked or classic bright bold colours. A maxi colour dress can handle the looks lavishly. Groom can wear a pathani.

FOR A MONSOON PRE-WEDDING PHOTOSHOOTS ARE Rain, beach and you in a beautiful saree. It’s the best attire any bride will look stunning in it. Saree is a bride’s favourite attire. She can look totally gorgeous and yet traditional at the same time in a saree. Groom can wear a simple and plain kurta.

ANARKALI GOWN‘s long over-heel-length Best Anarkali gown is perfect for pre-wedding shoots for Photos and Videos. It spreads all over when you pose while turning around, and those bright and bold colours reflect you look beautiful. SOCH, SAMYAK and label Ritu Kumar has a fantastic collection on this why dont you check out in there store before the event. Nehru jacket and semi-casual outfit for the groom is always the best.

FOR A WINTER PRE-WEDDING PHOTOSHOOT Beautiful Autumn leaves and a chilly winter cool morning breeze with glittering rays of warm sunshine make for the perfect picture background.

JEANS PAIRED UP WITH A CASUAL TOP If you are someone who is not too much into dressing up and want to keep it simple or sober and get some fun pictures clicked then you can choose jeans with casual tops.

EVENING GOWN There is something vintage or classic and royal about evening beautiful gowns. Have no second thoughts and go with this attire. Groom can always wear a Tuxedo he will look like bond.

SHORT PARTY DRESS Short sequinned or coloured glitter glam dress with High heels looks amazing in photoshoots or Videos. Forever 21 has a good collection check out there store. Groom can wear Formals with a waistcoat

LEHENGAS Beautiful Lehengas cannot be compared with any outfit. When Colourful lehengas are worn, it speaks for themselves as royal, elegant, and classy with bold bright colours. If you have one best thought would be to use it. Soch, Samyak has a great collection. Groom can wear a sherwani from Manyavar.

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