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Bespoke Wedding & Ceremonies

Every bride and groom desires an matchless wedding combined with fantasy and elegance. we tend to produce gorgeous, one-of-a-kind events made and titled to the letter. From ancient to fashionable, elegant to relaxed, our focus is on the exquisite execution of any event we arrange.

We Help Couples With

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→ Videography

→ Editing

Primary Event Services


Wedding photography is not just click and show. It is much more than that. It captures the biggest event of your life and preserves wonderful memories of the moments you would always want to go back to and cherish. At Richie Films, we have a list of proficient photographers and videographers who know exactly how to capture each moment of your wedding day that will make you fall in love all over again.

Wedding Cinematography

We are ardent that we’ll not set up any shots on your day. we tend to dress just like the waiters do as we do not need to be noticed.

We have had a few years of expertise in cinematography and have learned that everything has to be versatile. With cinematic style wedding cinematography, editing and progressive technology, we’ve continuously taken pride in our attention to detail and romantic results to form the proper keepsakes.


Richie Films photographs/Video editing is your 24/7 editing service, skilled photo culling, fashionable color corrected photos, beautiful photographs/videos edit, and natural portrait sweetening. affordable rating, high-quality photo edits, seasonal discounts and happy feedback are secured.

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Pre - Wedding

Best suited for Cinematic Pre-Wedding Photography and Cinematography –  Indoor, Outdoor & Destination Photo-Shoot


Best suited for Cinematic Wedding Photography and Cinematography –  Indoor, Outdoor & Destination Weddings


Best suited for Photography and Cinematography for Wedding, Pre-Wedding and all other rituals which go on for multiple days

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